Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pot of Gold Weekend Event

St. Patrick's Day is next week and to get it off to a good start Montello is holding an Art & Fiber Weekend as well as a few of the shops are having Pot Of Gold drawings to treat the customers to a discount, freebie or special offer. With local artisans around town and shops putting on the GREEN grab a friend and come out to see all that is going on. Rustic Bar and Grill will be offering a corned beef and cabbage lunch that day so take some time and enjoy Montello and all that is has to offer. It really isn't to early to start thinking about summer and we have great places to stay and enjoy the area. So may things can be done as a family here at little or no cost and the time together is so important. So, grab the family or a friend and come out and see us!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Letting off Steam

Did you ever have one of those days where everything just seems to get to you? That is how today is for me. To start out the day , when arriving in town we noticed the school kids had painted on some shop windows to vote to save art etc. Nice job kids but, we just passed a referendum to give the local schools the money the asked for and now after getting that money they are threatening to cut art, Spanish 3 &4 music some shop classes, yet not sports and after school activities. I went round and round with them a few years ago about helping with an older grandson who was behind in credits and got nowhere, finally I found a school that not only helped him to graduate on time but taught him construction and welding. When he graduated they also helped him find a full time job. Now they have started a special class for credit deficient kids and wanted the shop owners to let these kids work off some of the community service they must do. Something isn't right there, I said no!
Then we ( a group of local downtown businesses) have been holding monthly events, promoting our town and working our butts off to keep the tourists coming back even though we have a flood last June, road closures until October and then all this snow and ice. Well the county is holding a kids activity day and went to a few businesses around town for donations and had a big newspaper write up and never even approached us! Working together has never been a strong point here in Montello.
So even though all the rain they called for has seemed to miss us and the weather is finally above 40 and people are out checking out the few shops open this has been one crumby day!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Spring is right around the corner

or so it seems!
Downtown Montello is getting ready for spring in a big way. From Pattibears Place which seems to have bloomed overnight to The Garden Center on Hwy 22 Spring can be found. The shoops are getting ready for A Pot Of Gold Special running from March 14th to the 17th with discounts, specials and prizes at participating shops. An Art & Fiber event is planned for March 14th and 15th at various shops throughout downtown. Come on out and see local artisits, demos or maybe even try your hand at something new.
Montello and the surrounding area is a great place to get away from the traffic and enjoy at little or no cost NATURE like it was meant to be. This are has some of the best fishing, bike trails, hiking and just relaxing. About 1 hour north of Madison it makes a great day trip. So grab a friends or the family and come on out and see what we have to offer, maybe get some good ideas for your summer vacation. Remmeber you can still have fun in this tight economy, just simplify and you will be so happy you did!