Saturday, September 26, 2009

It not only feels like fall but smells like fall in downtown Montello this weekend. Traffic has been fairly heavy but I am sure as the leaves change and people travel back from Warrens Cranberry Fest we will see customers take some time to stroll through town.
I have been busy as can be crocherting little skunk and frog hats. I sometimes amazes me at what items catch on. The model is adorable, that's true but so are the hats. Pair up one of these with a pair of soft warm sweats and the little one is ready to trick or treat. A great and inexpensive costume alternative. Then use the hat all winter.
Gingerbread men are also coming along as the holidays will be here long before I am ready. The personalized ornaments and family are a big seller and everyone loves to get personalized gifts.
The Great American moose Hunt is well under way and we are seeing people come in now from across Wisconsin to play. This is a wonderful idea for businesses and for those playing, they will find some really great shops that have been overlooked and the prizes are great.
If you get a chance come on out and visit us at Pattibears Place and see all that Montello has to offer!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

This little "Stinker" was amazed at how many Moose Hunt players came to Grandma's shop !     Saturday found us very busy at Pattibears Place with more than 40 people getting in on the Great American Moose Hunt. It has been alot of fun chatting with visitors and finding out where they are from and sending them on their way to find more Moose Hunt tickets around town and then throughout the state.
    I was also shocked when I listed this adorable skunk hat on Craigs List and got orders almost instantly. So I am off to paint and crochet and get the orders out.
Thank you to all my new customers and those who come back time and again for a great weekend!  See you soon

Friday, September 11, 2009

A new idea for Halloween...

Over the years I have dressed my fair share of kids for Halloween. Being from the Chicago area many of those years the weather was so bad, you did'nt even see the costume hidden under the winter coats. Then there were alwyas those so small they came along for the ride in the stroller. So with 2 new little guys in the family I have set out and come up with a few hats that could double as a halloween costume for the little ones. The adorable bright green froggy hat, that also has a sweater to match  and this morning finished a little "stinker" skunk hat.... too cute, I can't wait to get the photos uploaded. We have a puppy hat and a cow hat in the works complete with a cow bell.  I can't wait to get home and finish up a few more.

The shop is filling up and everyone just loves these hats, my latest request was to make groggy hats in sizes for the teens at school!!! At least I know that their ears will be covered!Keep checking back to see the new hats posted.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Join us for Harvest Fest

The leaves are beginning to change and that makes this the perfect time to go on The Great American Moose Hunt. What a fun idea to find and visit so many special places throughout Marquette County and the rest of Wisconsin.

The timing for this seems perfect! Harvest Fest is Sept. 19th and 20th right in downtown Montello . There you can find 9 Moose tickets and a few just down the road. Crafters, food, shopping specials and MOOSE HUNT TICKETS !!!! Join us for some fun and enjoy the fall scenery. From fresh produce and fall decorations to that perfect Christmas gift for the early shoppers to scenic bike trails and a canoe or kayak ride. Montello has it all for ALL seasons !

How do you play? All you have to do is visit the participating businesses (see Where to Hunt) and pick up a free Moose Lake ticket. That's it! Each business has it's own unique Moose Lake ticket. The more unique tickets (with no duplicates) you have at the end of the hunt (July 31, 2010), the better your chances to win. Plus, attach a sales receipt from that business you picked up the ticket from, and the tickets' value doubles... it's now worth 2 tickets. It doesn't get any easier!

Mega-Moose Ticket: "Find the Cartoonist"! That's right folks, find Steve Krueger (the cartoonist of Moose Lake) at a retailer and receive the Mega-Moose Ticket worth 20 tickets instead of that retailer's normal ticket. When making a purchase or adding a Moose Receipt with the Mega-Moose Ticket it will double to 40 tickets! The Mega-Moose Ticket can be turned in for the final count along with that retailers normal ticket also! "Find the Cartoonist" dates and locations can be found right here and will be updated as needed.

September 19, 2009 - Go Wild With Birds, 192 Main Street, Menasha.

September 20, 2009 - Pattibears Place, 66 W. Montello Street, Montello.

For more information on Harvest Fest of participating in the Moose Hunt call 297-9079