Monday, July 22, 2013


       Blessings can mean different things to different people. I have been blessed I think with a large wonderful family. No, the siblings are not as close as we once were but, I do believe in times of stress we would all rally together. I hope. I have five wonderful kids who have been healthy and relatively happy, and who combined habe given me twelve grandkids and now three great grand sons.  Blessed by customers who during our recent heat wave ordered so that I could get the air fixed. Thank you again, it is not pretty here when the heat is is hard to crochet while you are sweating.
       Yesterday I received another blessing, I have been looking for a pattern for the Christening gown my Grandmother made my daughter Kathy, back in 1974.  It had a long coat and bonnet and I wanted to make a few to put away for my granddaughters and then sell on my #etsy shop. I looked everywhere and posted about it in a Facebook group. :ast night I got a message that someone had the book and would make me a copy of that long lost pattern. I couldn't sleep last night I was so excited. That #Christening gown was my #Grandmothers pride and joy.
This is my daughter holding my Granddaughter #Elizabeth in a gown my Gram made her.
This pinafore was another of my Gram's favorites and all my girls had them in multiple colors.
As I sit typing this I think how proud my Gram would be of all of us and how amazed that I finally picked up the crochet hook and made something other than granny squares. 
    As soon as I receive the new gown pattern I am starting on it , until then I am finishing up a few other projects and getting a few things made for upcoming fall #shows. 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Be careful what you ask for

I should know better by now, but I asked for summer to finally get here and it did. I don't know if I posted about this before but I HATE hot weather. I am a 70's kind of gal. Cool nights and warm days. To make it worse I have Myasthenia Gravis which is triggered by hot and cold. Now, I wasn't worried because we had a central air unit. Having moved in in November we were unsure of how well it worked. Well. it was empty and that wasn't bad enough the coil in the furnace needs to be replaced. $450.00 and I can be cool. I am crossing my fingers and pushing the Etsy shop to help me make this happen.
  I need customers to think ahead to Halloween, animal hat make great costume alternative matched up with a pair of sweats or a blanket sleeper.

What about baby showers, there is always someone we know having a baby.

and If I haven't given you enough to think about Christmas is right around the corner. Order a special hat and mitt set or scarf and hat, for that special guy , what about a beard hat or a hat with a pocket for the mp3 player while they jog or run.

Ok I know I was asking for summer but, I need my air fixed and I HATE being hot. shop or share my etsy shop and help me get to my goal of 450.00 so I can chill out again LOL

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July is Here

       It seems as if summer has just arrived but as I check the calendar it is July already. For crafters this is not summer vacation but time to get ready for the holidays. That seems silly but the time to make sure you have enough stock for shows and the shop orders before you get swamped with holiday orders. Being swamped would be a good thing but this year I have a plan to be prepared so I can also enjoy the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas.
      Long before people start searching for Christmas I need to be ready for the Halloween rush. In years past I have made a point of showing Moms just how easy it is to add a fun animal hat to a pair of sweats or a blanket sleeper for a fun costume alternative. The hat can be worn all winter and the sweats or blanket sleeper used again. Here in Wisconsin we never know what weather we will have on Halloween, a light jacket or the snow suit so these hats and costume suggestions are a good idea. No masks needed and the kids are comfy and cozy as the trick or treat of play at home long afterward.I am working on some new baby sets that will make great gifts for holidays or an upcoming baby shower.  Some of the fun animal hats will include fingerless mitts this season and I am adding to the fox items as well as those colorful owls,sock monkeys and a few surprises.