Saturday, September 5, 2015

It is almost time

Time to think of fun, cute economical Halloween costumes.  Remember when, (now this is going to give my age away) you just wore an old shirt and dirtie your face and went as a hobo. Put om a dress of Moms, some high heels and a hat. Not so much anymore. #HALLOWEEN is big business, and kids being kids want to be this year's in character or idol. The costumes available are not always well fitting or comfy. Why not try a costume alternative tht keeps on giving. Let me give you a few examples
what about an adorable Boston Terrier pup. Match up one of out hats with a set of black sweats, or gor the very little ones a fun diaper cover with a stubby little tail. By the way we can make a tail to be attached to the sweats for the bigger kids or even you.

 How about some grey sets and this fun rhino hat, the little ones also Ave the diaper cover option.

Feel more like a Pug pup, we can help you there also, sets or diaper cover this is a cute set. 
We have many other fun hat options that paired up with some comfy clothes can make a great costume, fun play clothes and winter hat.  What about a teddy be to math a cozy blanket sleeper, the options are endless. 

Friday, August 21, 2015

Almost School

School is starting for our family, the guys on Monday the 24th and Tab on Sept. 1st/ All this is not a moment too soon, boredom has set in and I need a break.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Our Baby Boom

Our family baby boom has come to an end with the arrival of Kiarah on Tuesday. That makes four new babies this year. My niece also had a baby in April so this Christmas should be wonderful, five new little people to love. My mom who is 80 cannot wait to snuggle a;ll these new little family members. I on the other hand have a whole new set of models for my hats.



These are my newest loves.  I count my blessing daily, four beautiful healthy babies and mine to spoil and love.  With all this cuddling and family I have been trying to get some hats together for a show , but up until now I am just working on orders and find myself on Pinterest looking for new ideas for this bunch.  Halloween was discussed by the two older guys,
should the babies be ninja turtles, what about minions and last but not least paw patrol.  Paw Patrol has seemed to win so those hats are in the works.  Visit us on Facebook to see how things are coming along.  
  Bye for now , I am off to work on hats and #fox blankets.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015


I am not known for being patient and waiting for things to happen. We have our 4th and final baby due August 4th and I am on pins and needles. A little girl finally. Now do not get me wrong I LOVE my boys all six of them but it will be nice to #crochet some pink and purple stuff for a change.  Right about now is when I start to work on hats for #Halloween and the upcoming Christmas season.  Boston Terriers are still very popular and I am adding some new items to the shop.

I am busy and will keep right on crocheting until her arrival. No name has been chosen yet so the boys and Grandpa have nicknamed her BOB.  Minions and rhinos are next up on my list.  Summer is moving quickly and the holidays will be here before you know it.  

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Busy Time

Today finds me finishing up some orders for my Etsy shop, waiting on a call about the possible birth of our newest Great Grandson and putting together the menu for our upcoming family party.  With so many grandkids and such busy schedules a few years back we decided to hold a Summer Birthday Bash. Carsen has chosen the theme again this year. A FIESTA !

Decorations have been gathered, the yard work is done nd now presents and food.   With any luck all three of this year's new babies will attend. That gives this Gramma lots of chances to snuggle with them.
 This is also the final week of school so as of Wednesday, I will no longer have those hours of silence to grt my things done.  How long before "I'm bored" sets in?  My bet is for Friday, Tab does not know how to amuse herself.

Our littlest guy , as of right now finally came home after 6 weeks in the NICU and has discovered his best friend, also his Mom's. My oldest Grandson Joe. He is always there for her and now AJ.

With so much going on I still have time to find new items for the shop and unwind while I crochet.

I forgot o mention that during our Fiesta we are having a baby shower for our final by of the year. I am jut about babied out, I think since January I ve bought at leat NE if everything in the baby department. 

Can you blame me with aces like these?

Life is busy, but oh so good here in Gramma land !

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Miracles Happen Everyday

Our family has been blessed with an abundance of happy healthy babies. In April we welcomed little AJ , he shook things up a bit. During moms pregnancy they were able to see he would be born with gastrosesis, part of his intestines outside of his body.  I am still amazed at the miracles that happen at American Family Childrens Hospital. With in two days of being born, needing to be #resuscitated his abdominal opening was closed and he was on the road to recovery. The dark mass in the bottom corner of the top picture is his intestines in what they call a silo.

He was born on April 19th and is going home today. No tubes, monitors or problems. He is now just like every other baby, but has a special belly button, custom made.

During his almost 6 week stay we were fortunate enough to stay at #Ronald Mc Donald House in Madison, because of the kindness shown to us there I am running a special in my Etsy shop, for each hat purchase I will donate two dollars to the Madison House.  Another way you can help locally is to save all your #pulltabs and drop them off at your RMH. They are turned into cash to help make families stays there just a little bit better.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

They Grow So Fast

It seems like only yesterday I became a Grandma. Very exciting, and I had a good Gram was the best.  Now #1 Grandson will soon turn 26, where does the time go. He is the Dad to two wonderful boys with another one due in a few weeks.
My third Grandchild Elizabeth gave me yet another adorable great Grandson in January.
Number 5 grandchild Christina blessed with the latest Great Grandson 
Before September  will will have one more Great  Grandson  and our first Great Granddaughter.   How exciting.
Last summer at our analysis summer birthday bash we took a group photo for my Mom in Florida who is a huge Cubs fan, this time we will have 3 new babies in it .
Here is my gang, we were only mixing one Granddaughter. 

They keep me busy and very happy, especially when I get those calls to make them something. Like a monkey hat or a kindergarten show.  CARSEN will be adorable, Ps I had to dye shorts and thirty brown and make a tail to match.
I love being a Great Gramma even more than Gramma, who knew that was possible.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Coming Up For Air

I have been away from my blog for far too long.  Let me see if I can get you caught up. My great grandson JJ has aspergers, we are all learning with him. My niece who lives with us has been diagnosed with ADHD.
  A little over two years ago my Mom was diagnosed with COLON CANCER, I was terrified.  The months of chemo were met with a good outlook and lots of positive vibes.  Just 6 months later, we found out the cancer was back and now in the colon, liver and lungs.  The emotion hit you all at the same time. Fear, anger, and constant worry for what would come next.  We recieved a call in August,  that my husbands younger brother was very ill, he wanted me to come. I had no idea those few wekks would be his last. COPD and emphazema would take him from us. In early November we found that my sister in law was also in the final stages of cancer. So much senseless pain.  With news of a new Grandbaby es coming in 2015, Mom faced the chemo again. After a few session she was too weak and I'll to continue.  About this same time my sister in law lost her battle. We were numb.
     December brought us all together for our annual Family  Christmas  party, although Mom had been in an assisted living home since right before Thanksgiving,  she came. Exhausted from the hour long car ride, she wanted to be sure to see everyone, including her older sister from Florida.  The visit was heart breaking to watch. We all thought the worst but we're afraid to speak it out loud. W posed for the 5 generation photo and she hugged her little guys as much as she could.

January brought my 4th Great Grandson Jacob, another blessing!

My granddaughter Elizabeth and her baby Jacob. Luckily Mom got to see photos and ooh and ah over this little one.
February had us fooled, Mom was having no pain and seemed to be eating and doing well, until I got the phone call to come. She had taken a turn and was unresponsive. I was terrified. I have two sisters who were far away in Tulsa, there was no time to come and honestly I am glad only I had to witness the end. One moment Mom was there and the next she had slipped quietly away. She had never asked for pain meds. 
Our next family battle would be awaiting the birth of the next great grandson,  he would need medical care because og gastoschisis.  Two doctors visits per week, many ultrasounds and non stress tests later and he arrived 4 weeks early.
Aiden with my Grandaughter, his Mom Christina.  We were warned there would be months ahead of him for recovery, yet in about a week he has come so far.
I think that has you about caught up.  We are awaiting the birth of 2 more great grand babies in June nd August. We are truly blessed.

My Gram used to tell us , God never gives us more than we can handle, and that God always has a plan. Are we stronger as a family?  I would say yes, did each child learn from watching Mom, yes, they learned o show love and compassion.  I am so proud of all of them.