Friday, March 23, 2012

Booming Busy Week

Busy here with orders coming in, the two boys enjoying the spring weather and Boom on Wednesday that has us all wondering "What is up?" The whole house shook so I went to NBC15 on Facebook and asked if they new anything about the BOOM we heard. Others posted that they also heard the noise but no one had an answer. The next day I received a message from Chris Woodard at Nbc15 that he was coming out to look into this strange noise in Montello. I met with him and Jean at the Garden Center and here is the video.

We still don't know what it was, and am just hoping it doesn't keep happening like Clintonville.
We finally got a good rain last night and it looks like we could get more today. We could sure use it. With the temperatures well above what they should be, everything is in bud and popping up.

The boys enjoyed some bubble blowing , and yard work. The yard work was of cousr done by the superheros not the little boys in the house!

Batman and his sidekick Robin were lending a hand. Robin works much harder than Batman. Batman left to rest part way through the job!

Bubbles, shorts and yard work, SPRING really is in Wisconsin about 2 months early but I for one am not complaining.
Hopefully I will get some crocheting done and items photos taken to share with you. I am working on  a few Easter gifts for the granddaughters and a new fireman newborn set so stay tuned!  Have a great weekend!

here is a fun cupcake idea for spring or Easter

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Signs of Spring

The weather has broken and there are sure signs of spring. The sandhill cranes and red winged black birds are back and the boys are outside exploring with the new pups. Baby and Spot, about 8 week old cockapoos who try very hard to keep up with the boys. Another spring treat was a strawberry soda when we came in to rest.

Carsen found that the pretty pink bubbles make your face red. It did not slow him down a bit.  J.J. is partial to making his ice cream all melted and stirring away.

The good weather and boys outside has given me a chance to get some work done. Althougyh just when I see light at the end of the tunnel, a wonderful thing happens. Someone orders again. The mermaid outfit has been a big hit and I love making all the little parts.
This afternoon we are making pink lemonade cupcakes and in the morning trying cinnamon scones from a recipe I saw on Pioneer Woman Cooks site. I just love her recipes. Real food that real families eat. We have used the white bread recipe over and over again. It makes 4 loaves so with a full house that is perfect. Her cinnamon rolls are to die for and the drip beef recipe is now our family gathering stand by. Check out her site I am sure you will find something you can't so without.
I better run and finish the sock monkey set during SPONGE BOB time then baking. Have a great day

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spring Forward

Spring Forward, that is this Sunday. Set your clocks ahead and get ready for added daylight and bright sunny spring. That is also my new life plan  Spring Forward. Don't look back. Make steps in the right direction.
I have started doing just that. How can you get anywhere unless you have a plan and set a goal.
My spring goal is to learn to shop more wisely, use coupons and save money. All this sounds like a good idea but I plan on stepping things up because I have a HUGE goal. For some time now I have wanted to go to Ireland. This always seemed like something other people do. Then, I checked some prices and looked in to travel and I think with some good planning, setting money aside and putting me on my list of priorities this can be accomplished. The plan is doable so to make it just a little grander I looked farther and would love to be able to trace my family tree back through Ireland to Paisley Scotland. More research, some emails and this is not such a far retched plan.
                                                               Now, to put it to work.
First, a big cost in our house are groceries. For that I am going to need some help.  I found just what I need . Someone who made a plan, followed through and got more than she had hoped for. Groceries and the everyday shopping needed to run a home, smarter, cheaper and learn to also help out the local food bank at the same time! Amazing yet very doable!  Family, step back and watch me shop!

Next the electric usage and utilities bills are going to reexamined and changes made. Gas usuage for the car is also on my list of things needing to go on a diet!
All those need cutting but on the flip side to revamp and build up the Etsy shop to help it feed the Ireland Pot of Gold. My shop has come a long way and I am just now opening new avenues of sales for my newborn hats and some of the bath items. Much work to be done , but I enjoy the crocheting and learning from other shop owners some of the ins and outs to get noticed.
All this is made possible with the help of my little guys who every other week keep me on my toes and a constant reminder of what is really important.
Then, I do have to stop and say, It is MY TURN......I want this trip and I will make it happen!
Join me on this adventure and follow along as I learn more about coupons and saving money and share themlinks and info. Some good recipes, shopping and laughs along the way.