Sunday, February 28, 2010

New items for Spring

This is not to the face I was going for.  J.J. ASKED to model but this face looks more like"Grandma made me wear this "
I have just added a Duck hat, hooded duck sweater, hooded frog sweater and a duck sweater and hat to the Etsy shop. Hopefully today when my little helpers go home I will have time to add them to my site as well. They are on hand in the shop in Montello and the first duck hat sold yesterday. That LITTLE GUY DID'NT LOOK NEARLY AS UPSET.
I am still between ducks busy contacting crafters for our upcoming Great American Moose Fest, space is still available and it is a huge family fun event.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Spring is starting early here!

    Our windows have daffoldils and spring sweaters to brighten these last few grey weeks of winter. Adorable little duck and lamb hats and sweaters are appearing in the shop daily. Of course those little frogs are back with sweaters and a new hooded frog sweater. From the littlest baby to 4 toddler these are a must this spring. Our log signs are filling the shop for thos cabina nd camper visitor who will be stopping in trying to break up the cabin fever blues.
   And will all this to do we are still very busy helping to get The Great American Moose Fest all settled in here in Montello. What a fun family event this will be, with Pro Fisherman taking the kids out for a fishing lesson to carnival rides food and tons of great shopping.