Monday, February 6, 2012

Seems Like Spring

Well the ground hog here in Wisconsin says an early spring and it sure feels like it outside. The sun is shining and the snow is slowly disappearing. Is this a good thing? Probably not, in the next few months we will hear that the farmers really needed the snow for moisture and the snow related tourism will have taken a big hit. But, I LOVE it. You see, I hate cold weather, yes I did choose to move to Wisconsin but if I had my way would spend it indoors much like a black bear hibernating until spring. So all this sunshine is a treat for me. I also spend a good amount of that time indoors with a two and three year old. We need fresh air and sun as the super heros are growing restless.
Now you might notice that they are in pajamas, that is because we all have had a nasty cough we cannot seem to shake. But, even that will not stop the crime fighting team Equipped with a cape bought on Etsy from the smaller one also has a cape. A Batman mask from years past Halloween and cowboy boots from his Lone Ranger costume, this is not for a photo but how they look every day. We need to go out and play! We all smell like Vicks Vaporub and are watching endless videos of Lassie and the Lone Ranger over and over again. 
We have baked bread, made cinnamon rolls and later today have chosen a cherry cake to make
All the while I am making hats, trying new patterns, ( yesterday I was frog like rip rip rip ) too much Lassie and not enough counting. 
I have a new beard pattern in the works which could make for a very nice order, and this time of year that would be great, so I do need to count and find some quiet time to not only crochet but remember to write down what I am doing. 
With kids being sent home from school with the flu, this cough and general stuffiness, I just want to fling the doors open and let the germs out! Clear my head and get busy, all that would be possible if the hubby were
 not home saying....your letting the cold in! He is clueless!
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