Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fall is Here

Finally Fall my favorite season. With that said it is my busiest time as people get ready for Halloween, and then holiday shopping. My life is pretty busy and I am crocheting between school visits, Dr. visits and family stuff. But, let me share some of the fun stuff I have gotten done.

Now onto hats and cowls and fun items for the few shows that I do before the holidays!
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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Life in general

In one of my last posts I had stated I was going to get organized.  Laughable,  me , not now and maybe never.  I have many reason or as my daughter says excuses.  I am the oldest daughter to my Mom who is battling cancer and lives nearby. ( about 1 1/2 hours away)  My sisters live in Tulsa so that is about 15 hours away. I have 5 grown kids, 11 grandkids and 3 great grandsons. I am a control freak, or so I have been told and try to oversee their problems whenever I can. Right now my Mom is in the hospital with an UTI and JJ one of the great grandsons is in the process of being tested for Aspergers and has SPD. I also just found out my Granddaughter will be having her first baby in January. I am raising a 6 year old niece who has ODD and have a hubby who we are driving crazy. With all this I crochet to keep sane and make some extra spending money as I can always find something one of them might need or want. All that said the announcement of a new baby had me wanting to make teddy bears. What color I was not sure so I tried my hand at these two and then did get them listed on etsy.

I have also started to get my Christmas list going. I can crochet in the car on our long rides to and from Montello.  Yes, I worry alot, but would not change any of them one bit.   I am truly blessed.

Saturday, July 12, 2014


Somewhere I read that artistic people are very disorganized. I believe it, because I am.  I also have not enough hours in the day.  With all of this in mind I am making an attempt to get organized so I can make the most of the time before the holidays. I have a daughter who is so organized she has a houseful of belongings neatly tucked away in a 3 room apartment and knows where everything is and can find it.  Not so for me.
This is going to sound like excuses but I just want to give you a little insight into my life.

  1. I have a husband ( married over 40 years)
  2. I have a 6 year old niece ( she lives with us)
  3. 2 dogs
  4. My Mother is undergoing chemo for a second time
  5. I have 5 grown kids
  6. 11 grandkids
  7. 3 great grandsons
  8. am learning about SPD and aspergers
  9. have an etsy shop
  10. working on a garden
  11. love to paint
  12. have a decorating wish list
  13. have MG and a pace maker
Now if these things come at me a few at a time I am good. But some days it seems like all of it needs my attention right now and I get scattered and not very productive.
I have decided to schedule my day and set aside time for each of the days projects. Of course I have to be flexible in case I get that urgent call.
I have found a picture of my perfect work room, hubby was not impressed and I would have to build onto the house to get it , but a girl can dream, can't she?
I found this at

I would not have to leave this room much at all.  Right now I will have to settle for making a plan and sticking to it. I am adding about a dozen new items to my shop and enjoying the designing part of that. Can a person like me become organized , I will let you know!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Gift sets

I spend quite alot of time trying to figure out just what people type in when they are shopping on Etsy .

I notice some people have cute names for their items , while others are very simple and straight forward. I myself stop and think if I was looking for something what words would I use. With this in mind over the next week or so I will be revamping my shop. I am adding a section for gift sets.  Now that can be a sweater , hat and booties ( which by the way makes a great sgower gift) or maybe a Boston Terrier hat with matching lovey blanket. Maybe a spa set with cotton slippers, washcloth and face scrubbies. I am getting all this worked out. There will also be some new items added to the fox and a new dalmation. I am hoping the dalmation gets as much attention as the Boston Terrier has.

I will also begin gearing up for Halloween ( yes, I know it is only June) Think sensible costume alternatives. Match an animal hat with a pair of sweats and think of all the wear they can get out of both. The hat can be worn all winter and the sweats will keep them snug on those chilly days. 

watch for the new additions and changes to Grammas Gifts on Etsy and facebook

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Changing things up

Recently we have had some "things" come up with the #1 great grandson. Etsy shop so that I can raise some money to get him some of the things that will make his life easier and make more sense. He has a preliminary diagnosis of Aspergers and we where all really thrown. I have been reading all I can get my hands on while crocheting to get orders out. I love my customers, they are not seasonal shoppers but have seen all the ways my hats and such can be used throughout the year. Thank you to all of you! I am going to be adding some new items that can be added to other items to make great baby shower gift sets. Blankets that match, booties, lovies and all with the option of color choices. There will also be a sale page , there I will discount items that I no longer will be making . I would also love to hear what kinds of hats you would like to see, designing the animals is so much fun for me and it combines two of my favorite things...drawing and crochet. I am hoping to add a page with sensory items such as weighted blankets or lap mats, and even at my grandsons request a weighted boa to wrap around when life seems overwhelming.  Keep watching.
Because of this I have decided to change things up a bit in my
I am off to organize my thoughts and get busy.

Monday, March 10, 2014


Blessed is the best way I can describe how I feel right now. The last few weeks have been hectic and stressful. I spent a long test full day in the ER, to find out I am fine.  Pains were not my heart and maybe a sign I need to relax. Then my best friend, someone more like a sister and confidant was scheduled for heart surgery. She has to have a valve replaced, my younger sister had a heart attack and we found out that my Mother has to once again start chemo.  Kids and Grandkids are all safe and well and everything else seems so trivial. Well this evening after about 6 hours I got word that my friend had come through surgery and was resting in ICU. Prayers have been answered and although she has a tough road ahead . I am thankful she is on her way to better days.
This is my dear friend #JeanDawidziak and her hubby "otherwise known as Montello's Easter Bunny" Two nicer people you will never meet. If you want to see for yourself , give her a little bit to get back on her feet and visit her at The Teapot Quilt Cottage in #Montello.  During the summer stop off there or at the farm stand by Kwik Trip for the best sweet corn in the county!

Now with all of this going on, I sleep less and crochet more. I have booked a show in April ,  and am working to get some cute hats done for there and finish orders from my #Etsy shop. 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Big Chill Ends

Good Morning, it is sunny and only -4 this morning. That means we have made it through the worst and can now talk about it.  No frozen pipes, kids off school 5 days in a row and we are all still civil.
     We ventured out into the cold yesterday when I needed crochet thread for a christening gown I am working on. An emergency?  In my book YES. I only bought one ball, not knowing if I would like working with #3 thread , rather than baby yarn. I love how it looks and now can't wait to finish it. I am then going to try and make a slip for this delicate vintage pattern Christening gown. I bought the pattern from an Etsy shop ,  

 As I stitch away I can see my Gram smiling from ear to ear. She crocheted almost her whole life. We grew up in things she made and our babies all came home in her sweater sets, got Christened in her gowns and off to school in her hooded sweaters. She could look at something and just figure it out, I wish I was that talented.
  I do have a few new things up my sleeve and if I finish my blanket squares and a few orders I can start on three new puppy hats, a chow, bassett hound and yorkie.  I have to make myself finish before I can start more. I also have a lamb and baby bird drawn out and waiting to be hooked.  I may have to forget cleaning house, have leftovers and just stay up later to get this all done.

  I am off to sit in the sunshine and work on projects, stay warm and safe and have a wonderful productive day!