Monday, March 10, 2014


Blessed is the best way I can describe how I feel right now. The last few weeks have been hectic and stressful. I spent a long test full day in the ER, to find out I am fine.  Pains were not my heart and maybe a sign I need to relax. Then my best friend, someone more like a sister and confidant was scheduled for heart surgery. She has to have a valve replaced, my younger sister had a heart attack and we found out that my Mother has to once again start chemo.  Kids and Grandkids are all safe and well and everything else seems so trivial. Well this evening after about 6 hours I got word that my friend had come through surgery and was resting in ICU. Prayers have been answered and although she has a tough road ahead . I am thankful she is on her way to better days.
This is my dear friend #JeanDawidziak and her hubby "otherwise known as Montello's Easter Bunny" Two nicer people you will never meet. If you want to see for yourself , give her a little bit to get back on her feet and visit her at The Teapot Quilt Cottage in #Montello.  During the summer stop off there or at the farm stand by Kwik Trip for the best sweet corn in the county!

Now with all of this going on, I sleep less and crochet more. I have booked a show in April ,  and am working to get some cute hats done for there and finish orders from my #Etsy shop.