Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wednesday and busy as a bee...

This photo is from EMMY'S visit in May with my grandson Mike
I just returned from Rendezvous where we have our New Montello meetings each week. We tried to get our fundraiser flyer ironed out, talked about Harvest Fest on September13th and pick our monthly winner of The Shop Local campaign. Bery excited that one of the winners was a new customer of mine. So, congrats to the Kraak Family. We also talked about our upcoming visit from Madison's CW , EMMY FINK. She called yesterday and moved her visit up to THIS Friday morning. I can't wait... it will be wonderful to get some t.v. coverage for Montello and hopefully get some more traffic thru town. So, today and tommorrow I will spend dusting and filling in around the shop so it, looks its best.

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