Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Busy Week

At our Morning meeting of The New Monttello Group we discussed the fund raiser form for the school. A meeting is set for next wednesday to show it to the school and see if it is something they can work with this season. It is a great idea to have the local fundraiser for the schools, people can come in to any of the shops and see what they are ordering before they have to order. The local businesses can make sales as well as the school earning 30%. We discussed this Saturdays Harvest Fest activities, the corn stalks are being cut for display on the downtown light poles, Bill has a tent that can be put up on Friday afternnon for some of the crafters. By placing this event at the waterfall park it can be easily seen no matter what way people come into town. Bright blue barrels will be placed around town for a food drive to help fill the shelves at our local food bank. With winter coming soon and heating costs higher all the time the need for the food bank is growing all the time. Are abusinesses are also making scarecrows for a contest to be voted on by our shoppers during harvest fest.
Back at the shop I got things ready for a rock painting class at noon. Gingerbreadmen are drying and will be on hand for this weekends event. Hopefully we can get people into the shopping spirit this early in the season to try and catch up from the very slow summer.

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