Thursday, January 8, 2009

Cold and Icy

This is last years window for the update!
It isn't bad enough that the economy is so slow. Top that off with icy street and sidewalks and snow everry couple of days. Small shops like those in our town are closing on a daily basis. But, hopefully if we can stick it out, provide good prices on our items and some fun incentives we MAY just make it through.

I am busy getting ready for Valentines Day, I was invited back to NBC15 to preview all the great items we have and to build on that and get some traffic to our town, I am going tro go to each business and take some photos to give the viewers a better idea of all Montello has to offer as well as here at Pattibears.

Right now we are running a special drawing in the shops and one lucky person will get the grand prize of gifts from each shop! Feb. 13th we will stay open late and let those last minute shoppers get their gifts and even some gift wrapping. Feb. 14th we will have a chocolate desert contest as well as wonderful refreshments and treats in the shops for those who stop in to shop or enter the drawing. So, even if you don't need a Valentine gift........ Stop by say hello and enjoy some refreshments and enter, enter at each shop because each shop will have its own prize as well as one in the grand prize package so , who knows you could win all over town!

Stay warm and watch those icy walks but please stop in and say hello !

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