Friday, September 11, 2009

A new idea for Halloween...

Over the years I have dressed my fair share of kids for Halloween. Being from the Chicago area many of those years the weather was so bad, you did'nt even see the costume hidden under the winter coats. Then there were alwyas those so small they came along for the ride in the stroller. So with 2 new little guys in the family I have set out and come up with a few hats that could double as a halloween costume for the little ones. The adorable bright green froggy hat, that also has a sweater to match  and this morning finished a little "stinker" skunk hat.... too cute, I can't wait to get the photos uploaded. We have a puppy hat and a cow hat in the works complete with a cow bell.  I can't wait to get home and finish up a few more.

The shop is filling up and everyone just loves these hats, my latest request was to make groggy hats in sizes for the teens at school!!! At least I know that their ears will be covered!Keep checking back to see the new hats posted.

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