Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

With the New Year knocking on our door, I have decided to make alot of changes to my home, family ,but most of all myself.
I tend to be a control freak and take on alll the tasks but then am angered by the lack of time I have to myself to do things I would enjoy.  Yes, this is mostly my fault and on the top of my FIX list.
I have 3 teenagers in the house who for their own good need to step it up and become more helpful.  This would be a big help.  With a one income household we need to learn to conserve electric so my bill comes down, when I checked it last month I thought I was powering Time Square.  Back in the day, as a teen I had everyday chores, no questions asked you just new what to do.  You knew dinner was at the same time every day and NO meant NO. I need to get back to that, I take complete responsibility for pampering and allowing things to slack off.  But, all that will come to and end tonight at midnight.  I cannot assure everyone will go along without kicking and screaming but, I plan to have a much calmer, less stressed new year and this is a starting point for me.
I also need to learn to allow myself a spot and the time to get my etsy shop worked on and get some new ideas worked up and listed in the shop. ORGANIZE is my new favorite word!
Something can be said for the MOMS of the 50:s who had a time for everything, got it done and had time to have coffee with the neighbors.   What a concept!
With the addition of my two little guys at least four days a week, I need to have more help just to function. I have myastenia gravis and know if I burn the candle at both ends too often I will be like a jelly fish in no time. Weak muscles, drooping eye lids and even trouble with breathing and swallowing.  I have in the past let myself get in that situation, and each time it is harder to get back to my normal. Also normal is never as good as it used to be.
So no more whining about all that needs to be done, I am making lists , assigning chores, setting time for myself and getting us all inline for a much better new year.
My wish for all of you is a healthy , happy, more prosperous new year.


Kandi said...

I have a similar "resolution" to be more easy-going and relaxed this year. I tend to get VERY uptight! :) Happy New Year - stopping by from Mommy Blog!

Hello! I'm Kate. said...

Happy New Year!

My resolution is to try and spend less time worrying about the little things and to look at the bigger picture.

I'm stopping by from blog frog-I love your stuff at the etsy shop!

Good luck with the giveaway!

Kris said...

I didn't make resolutions - I made goals!

Stopping over from the mom loop at blog frog