Friday, July 8, 2011

Internalizing Stress

  It has been a rough week or so!  To fully explain this I should give you some background.  As a kid I stressed out at holidays a gatherings until I had a stomach ache. Was my hair ok, did I look ok. All put upon myself but real non the less. Then I am the oldest a doctors visit for stomach pain he asked...are you the oldest child?  I answered yes, WHY?  You have big sister try to make sure everyone else is ok and it is killing you!  I also think I am a control freak in order to make sure I can keep everyone ok and things going smoothly. So, lately with finances in a mess, 3 teen, one going off to college, one just getting her license and one dating, a grandson who has gotten a divorce , is back and we now share custody of his two little guys two and three. Living with two grown daughters and a thirteen year old grandson  three dogs, two cats and a husband.  
    So last week I had a blinding headache for three days then I lost my voice ( no pain just no sound ) for a couple more. I don't sleep well and I am gaining weight not losing it. My husband is oblivious to all the stress factors around and to top it off STRESS is the number one trigger to my Myastenia Gravis so after a week like this I am lucky to be able to dress myself.
  I have taken to listening to hypnosis on my MP3 player to fall asleep, positive thinking messages, weight loss and chronic pain relief. So far I am still upright and able to get my daily stuff done so I guess I will get through this.   Husband says  " It is all self inflicted, just don't worry! " If only I could!
   Last week before the heat and I had a great day out with my oldest daughter and the two little guys. We went to Wisconsin Dells to revisit some of the places we took her as a kid. I don't know who had more fun, her or the boys!

We started out our day at The Ducks, I had a coupon in the mail so adults were only $10.00 and the boys were free. JJ the biggest sat serious to whole ride, but Carsen made a noise for each bump, turn and splash.  Trice my daughter snapped away with her camera trying to catch all the funny faces Carsen made and the beautiful scenery.
Then off to Deer Park, I hadn't been here since the boys Dad was about four. Nothing has changed much and the boys were amazed at the deer. Carsen lost the need to feed them after a goat took his whole cracker.  
Trice at this point has put the ice cream cone full of food into her camera case to get a few shots of JJ and comfort Carsen who is not happy with the friendly deer. So, this deer decides to self feed and she is laughing so hard she can't move, Carsen is clinging to her for dear life and trying to hide from the deer.

JJ is kindly removing a bug from this deer leg. It almost looks like the deer is thanking him!
Before leaving we got this cute shot, Carsen did not mind these deer.

A quick stop to cool off and get lunch at Mc Donald's. This was not here back then but this sure makes a cute tourist photo. We live about thirty minutes from the Dells.
Our last stop was the Indian Trading Post. Yes, it is full of all the same stuff each shop in the Dells has but it has a cement tee pee.   The attraction was I have photos of my kids as toddlers in this same tee pee. Trice says nothing has changed inside, as she poses with the boys!  We bought a hatchet and Indian flute, yes I am the Grandma I can buy noisy toys!  We left for home with two tired boys, one happy Grandma (Trice) and one exhausted Grandma   ME!
    In the following days the headache etc. would take over so I finally got around to finishing some things for the Etsy shop and Christmas in July Sale that starts Saturday.

Be sure to stop by the shop and use the coupon code christmasin07 to save 15% on your whole order. This includes custom orders! 
This Little Piggy Diaper Cover and Hat
Well, Carsen is up and the day is getting warmer I am off to water the tomatoes and get laundry started. Have a great weekend!

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