Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Holidays Are Over

              Yes, I must say I did do the happy dance this morning as the kids returned to school.  The two little giuys are back with their Mom for her week and there was silence! It has been a hectic couple of weeks.
         Let me explain. On December 13th my Mother flew in from Florida to stay a week and be at our home for a Holiday gathering. For the first time in 6 years since my Gram passed we were all going to try and get together. This is a big undertaking since I am in Wisconsin, many relatives are in the Chicago area, I have a brother in Indiana , a sister in Ohio a couple in Tulsa etc.   I had done my prep work so the food was  a breeze, shopped early had a to do list and help from those in the house. I even fit in lunch with my good friend Jean from the Teapot Quilt Cottage in Montello.   The big day came, Saturday December 17th, ( for my Mom, there was a light dusting of snow ) my husband drove down to Watertown to pick up my Uncle and kids started to arrive. My daughter Diane and her 5 kids came the night before from Chicago to not need to leave to early or rush. You never know what the weather might bring up here. Not only all those relatives we knew and missed but after more than 35 years to be reunited with my Moms sister, who had been adopted. What a nice Christmas gift.

Mom (Dorothy)  Aunt Charlotte Mom ( Lillian ) Aunt Barb and in the front everyones favorite Uncle Eddie
My Grandfathers 5 children together in one photo.
Now, I have to say I was awful at taking photos and hope someone shares theirs with me. I was busy warming pierogi and making sure everyone was finding everything and lacked the camera on hand.
Her are two of my daughters helping with the food. The nesco behind them contains a favorite party recipe . We call it Italian Beef coming from Chicago. Something not easily found up here.  Pioneer Woman calls it drip beef and here is her link. 

This is Becky who is 5 and has just had her one year anniversary being diabetic. I did not bake cookies and had to make many calls to her Mom, Diane to see just what she could eat. 

This is our baby Isabella, who just turned one and is the quickest little person I know!

Here are my two favorite little men. JJ and Carsen

Elizabeth who is off on her own with boyfriend Dakota and in nursing school in Fond Lac

Mike, always ready to pose

Rosie, a big help to her Mom

Chrissy, one of the in house teens 

Sergio, who we call Jr.

Uncle Eddie admiring Beckys red bird hat

Aunt Barb

cousin Natalie

daughter Diane with Bella
Tommy the quiet funny guy
cousins, husband, boyfriends and kids. It was wonderful to catch up! This was the best gift of the year!

Our 5 generation photo
back row: my daughter Patrice, me, Big Joe my grandson who is holding little Joe and I have Carsen

Everyone had a good time and it just did not seem long enough to chat. Hopefully we can do this again next year and with more notice those relatives who could not make it can find their way here! 

So, with all that behind us and some quiet I did get a little work done and added a few new items to the Etsy shop, here is a preview

they can all be found at 

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