Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Signs of Spring

The weather has broken and there are sure signs of spring. The sandhill cranes and red winged black birds are back and the boys are outside exploring with the new pups. Baby and Spot, about 8 week old cockapoos who try very hard to keep up with the boys. Another spring treat was a strawberry soda when we came in to rest.

Carsen found that the pretty pink bubbles make your face red. It did not slow him down a bit.  J.J. is partial to making his ice cream all melted and stirring away.

The good weather and boys outside has given me a chance to get some work done. Althougyh just when I see light at the end of the tunnel, a wonderful thing happens. Someone orders again. The mermaid outfit has been a big hit and I love making all the little parts.
This afternoon we are making pink lemonade cupcakes and in the morning trying cinnamon scones from a recipe I saw on Pioneer Woman Cooks site. I just love her recipes. Real food that real families eat. We have used the white bread recipe over and over again. It makes 4 loaves so with a full house that is perfect. Her cinnamon rolls are to die for and the drip beef recipe is now our family gathering stand by. Check out her site I am sure you will find something you can't so without.
I better run and finish the sock monkey set during SPONGE BOB time then baking. Have a great day

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