Monday, April 16, 2012

Very Busy

The past few weeks have been very busy here in our little neck of the woods. The recent addition of two cockapoo puppies, the two boys back almost full time and now last week right after visiting with the Easter Bunny the birth of five kittens. I see an ark in my future.
These are Bingo and Spot, 2 adorable puppies bought by the boys MOM, yet residing with us because, well she can't have them where she is now staying! Both kennel trained very easy and listen fairly well for being about two months old. The other dogs had a little getting used to but are fine with them now, in fact they keep the big dogs exercised.
then.... if that wasn't enough along came the kittens
There is of course a Dad cat also. 
Now to that mix add in two 17 year olds, a hubby, a 22 year old grandson and upstairs a daughter and her 13 year old son. Life is pretty full and busy.
So, with all this going on how do I keep my sanity ( hubby claims I don't ) and keep the stress levels down to keep my myastenia gravis in check.  
Yes, that is my therapy!  In fact over the past few weeks I have had some really cute brainstorms. On a wish from a customer  I made a mermaid outfit. It turned out very cute and after seeing some other fun seaside type hats I came up with this adorable crab set   Then I thought ....crabs, beach, sand pails and came up with this crab hat .  Last night instead of sleeping ( I have a sore throat and just could not get comfortable) I came up with yet another that I hope to get done today. If my Gram could see me now... we used to say she could look at an item and make her own without a pattern. Of course all these silly hats and such were not what she would do, she made beautiful christening outfits, doilies and pinafores. The pinafores I have mastered but the others for right now are beyond me.
My Etsy shop has been very good this year and I am hoping to keep coming up with fun items that people can use for gifts or photo props. That makes my items sellable ( if that is even a word ) year round instead of them being winter hats and cold weather items. I hope shoppers think baby showers , Mother Day and more! 
My friend Jean owner of Teapot Quilt Cottage and The Garden Center in Montello, and I are also hosting a Coupon Clipping 101 Class

    •                               Wednesday, May 9, 2012
    • 1:00pm
  • First National Bank Montello, Wi 408 Main Street

    This class is given by Dannelle Fraser Gay . She was able to save $40,000 in less than one year for a new house, and now teaches others how they too can save money with Coupon Clipping 101 and Meal Planning 101 Classes. Join us for what we hope is the first of many such classes. Seating is limited so please get your tickets in advance at The Garden Center 505 Main Street, Montello Tickets are $15.00 each and the proceeds will go to help stock the Marquette County Care and Share Food bank.

Well, I am off to put Curious George in the DVD player, do the morning dishes and then work on a hat. Have a great day!

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