Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Eyes in the Back of my Head

I( don't understand why I am not getting as much done as usual. I make a list, I have a plan and then.......alot of nothing! Now, could it be that two little boys, three chicken , a duck, a mom cat and her three kittens, two puppies, a bichon and a border collie are all trying to make me nuts?  Possibly. I understand we are all excited about the chickens, great but must I stand guard all day? Have you ever told a guy just what you wanted , they nod in approval and then go off and do it their way? That is what happened here. I showed Joey a plan for a portable chicken coop, he said, " no problem" That should have been my first sign things were going to go badly. What I got instead was an open top chicken playpen! So, the boys climb in , the cats jump in and I spend my day chasing things around! Now, all of this would probably be much different if the chickens were bigger and could peck them once.
  But, today is going to be different! The boys spent the night away so I woke up this morning alone in my bed. Feeling a little more rested, I grabbed a cup of coffee and let the chicken out. ( they are kennel trained) Fed and watered them, fed the cats and the dogs are waiting patiently. It is a bit chilly this morning so hubby was nice enough to make cocoa wheats. I am not a breakfast person, but couldn't resist. Teenagers asleep, house quiet I will finish up posting and get some work done!
Yesterday I bought a pattern from Whimsical Warmth and did get that hat finished.
The weathr is supposed to get hot for the next few days so I think I will cook a few things today so we can reheat and eat, instead of me heating the house up more. I hate to turn the air conditioner on.
I had better run and get started before someone else comes home or another animal appears. Maybe instead of the barn we should build an ark!
I am finally going to make myself something using the African flower pattern, here is a great post to learn how to connect all of them
My go to place to look for patterns is Ravelry , give it a try . You will be amazed at the amount of free patterns as well as some of the newest for sale patterns available. 
Off to hook!


SusanD1408 Crochet Addict said...

Hat looks fantastic. If you want to test the shark hat email me at susand1408 at gmail dot com.

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