Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Life in general

In one of my last posts I had stated I was going to get organized.  Laughable,  me , not now and maybe never.  I have many reason or as my daughter says excuses.  I am the oldest daughter to my Mom who is battling cancer and lives nearby. ( about 1 1/2 hours away)  My sisters live in Tulsa so that is about 15 hours away. I have 5 grown kids, 11 grandkids and 3 great grandsons. I am a control freak, or so I have been told and try to oversee their problems whenever I can. Right now my Mom is in the hospital with an UTI and JJ one of the great grandsons is in the process of being tested for Aspergers and has SPD. I also just found out my Granddaughter will be having her first baby in January. I am raising a 6 year old niece who has ODD and have a hubby who we are driving crazy. With all this I crochet to keep sane and make some extra spending money as I can always find something one of them might need or want. All that said the announcement of a new baby had me wanting to make teddy bears. What color I was not sure so I tried my hand at these two and then did get them listed on etsy.

I have also started to get my Christmas list going. I can crochet in the car on our long rides to and from Montello.  Yes, I worry alot, but would not change any of them one bit.   I am truly blessed.

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