Saturday, September 5, 2015

It is almost time

Time to think of fun, cute economical Halloween costumes.  Remember when, (now this is going to give my age away) you just wore an old shirt and dirtie your face and went as a hobo. Put om a dress of Moms, some high heels and a hat. Not so much anymore. #HALLOWEEN is big business, and kids being kids want to be this year's in character or idol. The costumes available are not always well fitting or comfy. Why not try a costume alternative tht keeps on giving. Let me give you a few examples
what about an adorable Boston Terrier pup. Match up one of out hats with a set of black sweats, or gor the very little ones a fun diaper cover with a stubby little tail. By the way we can make a tail to be attached to the sweats for the bigger kids or even you.

 How about some grey sets and this fun rhino hat, the little ones also Ave the diaper cover option.

Feel more like a Pug pup, we can help you there also, sets or diaper cover this is a cute set. 
We have many other fun hat options that paired up with some comfy clothes can make a great costume, fun play clothes and winter hat.  What about a teddy be to math a cozy blanket sleeper, the options are endless. 

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ovbal said...

So cute and adorable!