Friday, March 26, 2010

Things are changing quickly here

The shop feels like spring now, bunnies and ducks and tulips galore!

We are seeing new Moose Hunters every day which is wonderful, spring has sprung up here.  People are also buzzing about The Great American Moose fest and beginning to come in and ask questions. Great bring your friends and family and join us May 1 & 2.  Maybe win a scooter finding Moose tags, alot of fun for the whoe family.'
The Easter Bunny was spotted down at The Garden Center and Teapot Quilt Cottage. WOW are they decorated. We see people up opening their places early this year, a very good sign.
My favorite new item this spring is the duck hat
this littel guy is a favorite model of mine and loves to help unlike
this litttle guy who really asked to try it on, but what a face!  Just like his Dad

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