Friday, April 9, 2010


This morning as I sit and work on things for the Moose Fest, I find it hard to come up with ways to jolt the people in and around town into coming out to the downton are to see all it has to offer. Don't get me wrong they are all very nice people but, they tend to drive 20 minutes to shop in Portage or maybe and hour to Madison,,,,, when right here they can find those very same things, save gas, time and build their community. The New Montello Group has been working for 3 years to get locals involved in their downtown through events like the Easter Bunny Parade and more. Well enough whining on my part. My project this morning was to create a coloring contest page to be handed out at the local school and a couple surrounding towns. I did find a MOOSE for them to color and will get this off to the printer. With that behind me and no emergency calls yet I can sit down and get some painting done. I am hoping to get the shop full to the brim before the fest. A nice weekend in May would put the season off to a good start. So today, I will stay away from the computer and paint black bears and a moose of two on some camping and cabin signs.

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