Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cupcakes on the Brain

I have an 11 year old grandson MIKE who not only loves when I make cupcakes but loves to watch Iron Chef with me. Last night I told him about Iron Cupcake and he thought that was the best thing he ever heard of. Now, today after the shop I told him I had a comment from Iron Cupcake and he almost fainted. How did they know about his Granma and could I print it off. Well, I was thrilled also to see the comment and if you, like me are a baker or just loved baked goods check out their site and this

become an Iron Cupcaker.
To join, all they have to do is email me ( with the following information to join. All Iron Cupcake participants must register via email.


City, State, Country
Blog Address
Flickr Name
Referral: MY BLOG NAME

Any questions you or your readers may have can be found at the Iron Cupcake Earth Central Hub.

IRON CUPCAKE is getting bigger everyday. In addition to our ETSY artists, the makers of the CUPCAKE COURIER have donated one of their awesome carriers to every challenge winner for the next 12 months! I am also in talks with the folks at an incredibly hip, uber-desired kitchen accessory company - who must remain nameless for the moment. They are in for a similar offer. So the pot gets bigger … and cupcake lovers all over the world will reap the benefits!

Bringing the World together one Cupcake at a time!
what could be more fun, ever age group enjoys a good cupcake, they make people smile, and it doesnt take much to exercise of one little cupcake!
So you heard it here, go spread the word and check out their site!

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