Monday, May 24, 2010

More to life than cupcakes

I have been so busy over the past few months with The Great American Moose Fest and the shop that I finally decided the weathre was nice and it was a good time for ma Grandma and me day. In this case I am the Great grandma and my daughter Patrice is the Grandma. So, I called her up and explained or project.......The three of us , her, me and JJ her grandson were going to build a green bean teepee. We picked the day collected the sticks and set out to get it built. At two JJ is more of a supervisor it seems, alot like his Dad. But he loved the digging in the dirt and the carrying sticks, sometimes away from the project. Her you see him and his Grandma finishing up the tying of the sticks.
Here all tired out from the hard work he tried it out to see if it was big ewnough to sleep in ( he was pretending to snore). After school Chrissy my grnadaughter helped hom plant pole beans, scarlet runner beans and some black eyed susan vines. We have been watering ever day and watching for something to sprout. JJ is at my house four days a week so he is very hands on with this project. This morning we had sprouts.
Now with my day off complete and feeling recharged I am back at the shop painting and adding photos to Etsy and my site of some of my new work. If only every day could be a play date. Wouldn't that be great. The moral of this is we should never get to busy to stop and enjoy the simple things like a little boy ,some dirt and green bean seeds........ PRICELESS

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