Friday, July 16, 2010

Life gives us lemons

For the most part I think I am a very nice person.  I help others, am active in my community, love my family and then out of the blue someone comes and sucks the fun right out of everything.

At our little group meeeting yesterday I was told I said something which was very untrue, from there came a few ugly emails and now I could spit nails.

As I sit back and go over events in my mind I see I should have gotten away from all this buzz months ago and did'nt ....silly me

I have eaten 2 candy bars, chocolate, they did'nt help, I am on the fourth cup of coffee and that has only made me have to take more breaks.

Why are people so two faced, by this time in my life I thought all that would be a thing of the past. not so! In business, sometimes people are not what they seem. It is a shame because how much nicer would it be and easier to just take everyone at face value.
What have I learned..
listen to your gut
get everything in writing
share nothing
no one does anything nice for no reason

Funny but I have taught the kids just the opposite.

This incident has really got me bummed and I wish I could find a way to just push it out of my mind instead of steaming over all the trash talk. I will go back and paint another window and try to push all this aside before I go home to those two adorable lieele guys who are now my permanent house guests!


varunner said...

Sounds like a very rough day. I hope that things get better and you're able to find something happy to take your mind off it :-)

Anonymous said...

You sound so upset. I am sorry that this happened to you. People do nice things for no reason sometimes though. Don't let a few bad apples ruin your outlook on things. There are a lot of good people out there still. Try to focus on the positives in your life.

Mothers' Hideaway said...

**hug** I have decided to just take everyone with a grain of salt. It's so hard to make friends and I find having children makes it even that much more difficult because your schedule is dictated by them and not yourself. I am so sorry people were being two faced. I say kick them to the curb and come hang with us! :hehe:

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I hope things get better. I am glad your children know better.

Eileen & Karena said...

Some people are just blood suckers, suck the life out of everything. You can push it out of your mind. No one has the power over your thought but you. Every time these events come into your mind, don't waist your time with it, instead think of the one positive thing that keeps you going, a little boys smile or hug. A island vacation song that you love. "Change your mind change your life". Found you thru Blog frog follow friday. I am doing a tag along tuesday,please join us.

katlupe said...

People do things like that all the time. Saying they are just human doesn't make it any better. Sometimes they can be the most tactless beings that walk this earth! One of the things I am trying to do myself is to not get drawn into their games. Just distance yourself from them. They are not worth getting upset about since you know what you said........and in realty, they do too.

Dawn said...

Sounds like a bad night, hopefully you will let this go soon. It really takes to much energy to carry "garbage" around. I understand and have learned to be more cautious myself. I refuse to give up on trusting everyone, there are so many wonderful people that would be thrilled to be your friend.
Sending you a big CHOCOLATE (fat free) HUG

Kat said...

Hugs hon, hopefully you can put the ugliness behind you and forget those that have no idea who YOU are.

You know that what they said you said is untrue and that is all that matters - others will believe what they want to believe. But if they know you - they know you weren't being mean