Thursday, July 1, 2010

Trying to think Christmas

In Montello we hold a Christmas in July each year. This means that right about now, I need to start painting Santas and getting things ready for that weekend. I must say though, it is very hard to think Santa when it is 80 degrees outside and sunny. Not only for that weekend but we have some tourists, who are only here one week a year and they like to pick things up during their stay. So, for the next few days I need to limit my computer time and paint.
  In the evening I crochet to fill the shop and now am busy getting a supply ready to take to Josephine's Paper Box in Watertown. The owner, my Aunt, will be opening in a new location in August and I am so happy to be one of her consigners.
  I am also working on writing up a few of my patterns to sell on Etsy. I personally have bought so many cute patterns from there, it is amazing what you can find in those Etsy shops. I recently helped my MOM set up a shop, I havent checked back to see if she has listed anything yet, but what a nice and easy way to get your crafts out for people to see and buy.  Handmade is a growing section of the market, nothing says YOU CARE like a handmade gift.
Here are a couple of my latest additions.

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varunner said...

Stopping by from Mom Loop. I love those little frog outfits. Very cute!