Monday, February 7, 2011


Hibernation, need not be just for bears.  With all the recent snow and cold, I feel the need to curl up and just stay put.  This is not something new for me.  I find myself in this spot every winter.  Maybe not enough light, I am not sure, but one thing I do know is it makes me want to stay in and cook.  For this my family is very grateful. Recently after finding the Pioneer Womans blog I have baked bread, cinnamon rolls and now yesterday made what she calls drip beef. Being from Chicago and now in the middle of Wisconsin this recipe was the closest thing we have had to a good Italian Beef sandwich since moving. Easy and delicious. The diresctions were easy to follow and the end reseult got rave reviews.  So, today I am off to try her chicken and dumplings , now if this doesnt say warm and comfy, what does. We also have my two favorite little guys back and both are sick. Chicken and dumplings is just as good as chicken soup, I would think. Just the idea has had me wanting to hurry into the kitchen and get started. I will also mix up a batch of the white bread. The house will smell wonderful and be warm and just perfect for the bear in me and the guys. So let those flakes fly outdoors today, I am stocked up and ready to cook and bake. During nap time, ( theirs not mine ) I will finish a few new orders that came in over the weekend from the Etsy shop . I have a box ready for the trip to Josephines in Watertown, hopefully tommorrow. As I type this I am beginning to feel a little less like crawling back into bed and hiding until spring. Is it the second cup of coffee or.......the thought of chicken and dumplings? I will have to let you know how it comes out, if only we had smell on theseblogs

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