Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Once Again

  Once again it is Friday. The week has gone by in a blur. Last Friday I made a quick move and had my back pain back in full force. That said I have not gotten alot accomplished, it hurt to sit, stand and lay for any period of time. I did finally find a few hypnosis downloads and am almost back to OK.
  I hate to, and am not very good at tooting my own horn so I thought I would share a few other family shops with you and a wonderful review.   The first is Nanablossom , run by Norine my sister in Tulsa. She makes beautiful Idian style beaded earrings.

Also not yet in her shop, soft sculpture dolls. I was lucky enough to get one which I will be using in my photo shots for my Etsy shop.

  The next is my Mom, Lillian's Handade Quilts . For those who say, I don't think I could get a shop up and running. My Mom did hers herself and in the first week she had items listed made three sales.  Good Job MOM!
This is the review on my hats from an Etsy customer and blogger!  I was thrilled.

High Quality Animal Hats from Gramma’s Gifts

May 2nd, 2011

Many of you know that I have somewhat of an addiction to trading on etsy. I’m a member of Tradeaholics, a group that does a monthly trading event in the forums. Last month at the trading event I made a trade with penguin hat. I had traded others for animal shaped crocheted hats in the past, and while they were cute the quality was a bit lacking. For example, I had a monkey hat made, and left it sitting on the couch one day. The cat walked across the couch and it’s nail was caught in the hat, so it pulled its paw back a few times before the nail was released. Just that simple tugging caused the hat to start unraveling. So, I could tell from the online pictures that gramma’s gifts hats were adorable, but I assumed they would be similar to the monkey hat I had received before. I was pleasantly surprised when they arrived and I laid my hands on them. I could instantly tell that these hats were high quality. The stitches were thick and tight, and I could pull on the hat to stretch it without feeling like the hat was weak in any way. I ordered the frog hat I had ordered for my little sister who is 7 and it seems perfect as well. I was particularly surprised at the quality when compared to the price. The monkey hat I mentioned earlier was being sold for over 20.00, while Gramma’s gifts.  Take time to visit her blog to see more great reviews!
This is my latest project and I can't wait to use the new doll for a model. My little guy was perfect for awhile but now at almost 2 and a size 4 those little baby items are far behind him!The rain is really coming down and two little boys are calling for someone to play. These times don't last long so I am off to draw pictures and color!

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