Friday, May 20, 2011

Beaming From Ear to Ear

  This has been a very busy week in our household. We are in the final days up to Elizabeth's graduation. I find it so hard to believe that she can be ready to be off for college already. Not, because she doesn't act like she is but because it seems to have gone by so fast.

Here she is just starting off at Kindergarten Graduation.  It feels like yesterday!

Wednesday night at senior awards night . She received close to $35,000.00 in scholarship money. We are so proud of her! 
So with all this beaming and boasting I still have to find something cute for the party. I cam up with this cupcake idea  So cute and in her school colors they will be perfect. Thank goodness for all those talented people in my computer LOL. I am working on invitations using her kindergarten picture, and running out of time. So much to do so few hours.
            I have really been bad about taking photos and listing to Etsy this week. With getting the yard and house ready and the school events it seems the timer just flies by.
Here is a sock monkey from the diaper set on the new doll my sister made for me to use as a model. Our little guy has gotten too big to be able to show off the cute baby hats. So I am off to get some yard work done before the next batch or rain and hopefully get my computer work done this evening in the peace and quiet while the big kids are at work. Wish me luck!

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