Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I don't know about you, but I do not handle change well.  I have said it before, and it holds true I am a creature of habit and dread changes.  So after almost 15 years in our little cottage we are moving.  Almost done moving that is. I love the new house and the kids are thrilled, the dogs have room to roam and I even got an office.  Why then the hesitatiion.......change. My first problem was it took almost three weeks to get the internet hooked up. No, we are not at the end of the earth or miles from civilization.  Yesterday, finally I could access my Etsy shop and do some work right from home. Up until now I had to stop unpacking and run to the library to check emails and orders. This does'nt sound bad except I don't drive because of the myastenia gravis so I have to have another person stop what they are doing and take me.  Not alot of fun. School sign up was yesterday so I am counting the days until the three big kids are back at school and I have some quiet.  The two little guys are here most days but they are not a problem, they play while I work and I hate to say it out loud but I miss them on those days they spend with their Mom.  Elizabeth has found an apartment and will be starting college, that change was not as hard on me as I would have thought, maybe I was just too frazzled with the move. If so I am thankful for that. The stress with all of us in such close quarters has let up and the trivial sqaubbling has stopped, that is a relief.  Kathy and Michael now have their own place and that has been a huge plus in this move. She can finally unpack that full cedar chest and use all the things she has been saving over the years.  I did get a huge kitchen and a sunroom where I spend the early mornings drinking coffee in peace and quiet before the house wakes up and the day gets started. I take this time to count my blessings and be thankful for all I do have and send off prayers in the peace and quiet. I am trying to take nothiung for granted, enjoy the kids while they are still here becasue I know in a couple years two more will venture off and I do not think I am cut out to be an empty nester. Until then I will fill my hours with crochet, baking and enjoying them all. I just finished a arctic fox crocheted scarf that I will be listing on Etsy later today. I have a stack of hats to add buttons to and get photos off so that is my quest for this afternoon.  Chicken and Dumplings for dinner with the homemade bread I put on this morning and a quiet afternoon......did I mention we have NO tv right now.  I don't miss it a bit but hubby is beginning to crack. 

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