Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday Breather

Today is the day before school starts here. Tomorrow the two teen will be off to start their second year at High Marq Environmental Charter School here in Montello.  I can't explain how much nicer they are and how much more enthusiastic and involved they have become in their studies. I am thrilled. The two little guys headed back by mom for her week so after this I will have almost a perfect week. Hours to myself to finish crochet projects, get the Etsy shop changed around, blog and bake. Sounds like alot of work but I can't wait. I also have a big project under way. I am going to throw a family Holiday party. Ever since I can remember we as a family have all gathered either on Christmas Eve or in later years the Sunday before to visit , catch up and just be together. A few years back my Gram passed on and since then we have stopped doing this. A big mistake I think, maybe no one wants to do all the planning and people are all so busy but I think we need to take time to pass along to the kids what we all enjoyed so much as kids.  So, with the new house and some extra space I am working on inviting everyone up here. It will be a Saturday so the fact that we are a four hour drive from Chicago where many of them live should not be a problem. In fact should we chat late there are quite a few nice motels right in town for an overnight stay.  I have invited my sister and her family from Tulsa to come and spend a few days , so they will be at my house visiting with Mom and us.  As usual my husband will take the drive to Watertown and pick up Uncle Eddie and for the first time in about 45 yeasr my Aunt Charlotte who we recently found will be able to come and meet everyone too. Right now we are busy working on my favorite room.....the sun porch where there is a fireplace and I want to put the Christmas  Tree.

It is hard to tell by this photos but the room is all white right now.  A big change is in the works. Something cheerful and cozy. I have been painting tables and ma working on a painting for over the fireplace. I have been a little worried if I can pull it off but hubby says I can.  We will see if not it is firewood!
I just listed a little monster hat on the etsy shop
well I am off to finsih a frog sweater and blanket order and then make a family favorite that needs to simmer all day pork roast, potato dumplings and sweet and sour cabbage.  

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