Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Huge Thank You

In the past I have explained how I am just awful at tooting my own horn as they say. To boast of brag as my Gram would call it just isn't in me. Yes I have made alot of really cute items but I would leave it at that. Then today I received an email thanking me for a sock monkey set I had made especially for a photo shoot.  Now most of my customers write to say thanks it turned out cute but this email made my day.
Just wanted to tell you how awesome you are !

Momma LOVED the monkey looked ADORABLE in it! *wink*
Thank you so much for always doing such a great job for me! :)

Heather Burchinal
HB Photography 

Yes, the set turned out cute, but I think the photographer had alot to do with it. I went and visited her blog and sight and was amazed at a set of photos with a field of sunflowers. What imagination !
Now I have been using my two little guys at home for models and thought I did really well until I saw these shots. If you need work done and live anywhere near Heather I would highly recommend her. The work is amazing!

these hats and much more can be found at

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