Thursday, September 8, 2011

Things Falling Into Place

Well, the big kids are back at school and I am finding ways to work around the little guys.  Going has been slow but I did find something fun for them to do this morning. A photo shoot for the new scarf I listed on Etsy.

what a nice bunch of mug shots.  No, they were not forced to do this, not afraid of the Snake.  But the little guy is definitely planning something evil .  We have bread rising and my plan for dinner is chicken soup since the weather has cooled.  Kluski noodles from the Amish Store will make a nice addition. This weekend you can find me at Volkfest in Waupon having a great time. So, I am off to finish hats and tag some items for my table. All with the help of the little guys. 

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Send Gifts to Sri Lanka said...

Cute little boys you have there.. the scarf looks scary to me..