Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Time to Think

Early this morning my hubby took my Grandson Carsen back to his Dad'd, something we do almost every week. He is my little house guest and gives me reasons to bake cookies and watch cartoons. We spend our days watching the Rifleman, Bonanza and a new favorite of his Gunsmoke. He wants to be a cowboy when he grows up, he is three. In the photo he is busy with his cowboy dog, a cockapoo named BINGO.  We could not have found him a better companion, he is patient, loves the attention and a great side kick to our cowboy. I only hope this phase lasts for years.
The only down side to all this fun we have is that I tend to get very little crocheting done. Over the past few weeks I have bought some very cute patterns and am waiting to try them out. Some of them come from Boomer Beanies, RAKJ patterns and Crazy Socks Designs. There are so many more and with the help of Ravelry and Craftsy a new pattern is very easy to find. The problem is there are more patterns than time lately.  I am working on a set of boxey bunny hats and pants for twins as well as a rhino and in between some african flower hexagons for a bedspread for me.

I am having so much fun working up these little sets, now if we just had some little ones.  I should bite my tongue......we did get little ones today   SEVEN puppies how exciting and this event brought my first home alone day to a stop while all the labor and birthing went on this afternoon.
Mandy the "mom" is a bichon and a one person dog, Mine , she was very upset as she worked so hard this afternoon. This is #5, atleast that is what I was calling him as I rubbed him to get him to wiggle around, he had a hard time coming into the world. 

So, with all this fun behind me, I will get my computer stuff doe and turn in so I can really hook away tomorrow. Orders for the shop to finish and new patterns to try out. Maybe I can get a yarn run to Joanns in the game plan, I got a coupon in the mail.

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