Friday, February 1, 2013

Picture Perfect

I love to crochet and come up with new items for the Etsy shop. In order to do that I need to take photos, now my photos have greatly improved since I started but are by no means great. Yesterday I found a message from a customer who had bought my mermaid tail to use in her photo shoot.  I love the mermaid outfit but this photo makes it look wonderful.
I have had a few other items photographed and shared with me and am always speechless.  I have to stop and pat myself on the back!

These two were taken by Heather from h Photography in Paris, Texas.    
I am working on a few new addition while filling order, It is funny how the popular hat or outfit changes, right now it seems to be the drivers cap and suspender pants while a few months back it was the mermaid.

 Bunny hats and booties
Christening gowns

and the Driver's cap and bow tie st.  
Now off to crochet some ruffles with photos to come.

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