Tuesday, March 19, 2013

It is Nice to Be Busy

Things have been pretty busy around our house lately.  My Etsy shop Grammas Gifts has picked up again, and that keeps me hooking. I am taking two classes online and am learning to study all over again. Then we did have seven new puppies come along, my Granddaughter brought her dog Daisy for a visit and she decided to stay a bit. I was also trying to get ready for Easter at the new house, the little guys and I will be heading to Montello and the Annual Easter Bunny Parade. This is the fifth year and each year the crowd grows. The kids really look forward to this. Being from the Chicago area, as kids we went to the mall and saw the Easter Bunny. In this area there is no place to take the kids, and the Garden Center has been kind enough to bring the Easter Bunny to the folks of all ages who live here. Now add to that they we are in the process of trying to get my five year old niece here from Tennessee. Visits with social workers and loads of red tape. The probate on my Uncles estate is still hanging open , so yes we are busy here.
Even though all this is going on I had to get ready for spring. I decided to make what I am calling a diabetic Easter wreath, let me give you a is a link for the peeps
Marshmallow peep like bunnies.....NO SUGAR involved
Nothing fancy, but a touch of spring on my front door.
our seven little puppies are now wide eyed and crawling everywhere!  The Mom is overwhelmed, so many little mouths to feed.

These are our two guys last year when the weather was warm, the snow was gone and it felt like spring. This year we may be wearing snow boots and mittens to hunt for eggs.

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