Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Big Chill Ends

Good Morning, it is sunny and only -4 this morning. That means we have made it through the worst and can now talk about it.  No frozen pipes, kids off school 5 days in a row and we are all still civil.
     We ventured out into the cold yesterday when I needed crochet thread for a christening gown I am working on. An emergency?  In my book YES. I only bought one ball, not knowing if I would like working with #3 thread , rather than baby yarn. I love how it looks and now can't wait to finish it. I am then going to try and make a slip for this delicate vintage pattern Christening gown. I bought the pattern from an Etsy shop ,  

 As I stitch away I can see my Gram smiling from ear to ear. She crocheted almost her whole life. We grew up in things she made and our babies all came home in her sweater sets, got Christened in her gowns and off to school in her hooded sweaters. She could look at something and just figure it out, I wish I was that talented.
  I do have a few new things up my sleeve and if I finish my blanket squares and a few orders I can start on three new puppy hats, a chow, bassett hound and yorkie.  I have to make myself finish before I can start more. I also have a lamb and baby bird drawn out and waiting to be hooked.  I may have to forget cleaning house, have leftovers and just stay up later to get this all done.

  I am off to sit in the sunshine and work on projects, stay warm and safe and have a wonderful productive day!

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