Sunday, June 7, 2015

Busy Time

Today finds me finishing up some orders for my Etsy shop, waiting on a call about the possible birth of our newest Great Grandson and putting together the menu for our upcoming family party.  With so many grandkids and such busy schedules a few years back we decided to hold a Summer Birthday Bash. Carsen has chosen the theme again this year. A FIESTA !

Decorations have been gathered, the yard work is done nd now presents and food.   With any luck all three of this year's new babies will attend. That gives this Gramma lots of chances to snuggle with them.
 This is also the final week of school so as of Wednesday, I will no longer have those hours of silence to grt my things done.  How long before "I'm bored" sets in?  My bet is for Friday, Tab does not know how to amuse herself.

Our littlest guy , as of right now finally came home after 6 weeks in the NICU and has discovered his best friend, also his Mom's. My oldest Grandson Joe. He is always there for her and now AJ.

With so much going on I still have time to find new items for the shop and unwind while I crochet.

I forgot o mention that during our Fiesta we are having a baby shower for our final by of the year. I am jut about babied out, I think since January I ve bought at leat NE if everything in the baby department. 

Can you blame me with aces like these?

Life is busy, but oh so good here in Gramma land !

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