Thursday, May 28, 2015

Miracles Happen Everyday

Our family has been blessed with an abundance of happy healthy babies. In April we welcomed little AJ , he shook things up a bit. During moms pregnancy they were able to see he would be born with gastrosesis, part of his intestines outside of his body.  I am still amazed at the miracles that happen at American Family Childrens Hospital. With in two days of being born, needing to be #resuscitated his abdominal opening was closed and he was on the road to recovery. The dark mass in the bottom corner of the top picture is his intestines in what they call a silo.

He was born on April 19th and is going home today. No tubes, monitors or problems. He is now just like every other baby, but has a special belly button, custom made.

During his almost 6 week stay we were fortunate enough to stay at #Ronald Mc Donald House in Madison, because of the kindness shown to us there I am running a special in my Etsy shop, for each hat purchase I will donate two dollars to the Madison House.  Another way you can help locally is to save all your #pulltabs and drop them off at your RMH. They are turned into cash to help make families stays there just a little bit better.

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