Thursday, September 16, 2010

New Etsy Shop

About a month agao I opened my second Etsy shop. I had the feeling having both my handpainted wood and my crocheted baby gifts in the same place, each were distracting from the other. I think I was right, in the past few week I have had 11 orders for skunk and frog hats or hats and sweaters. WOW, yes it is keeping me very busy but it is a GOOD busy. At the same time I am busy working on a business plan for a diner in our hometown, a much needed anchor to the business district. That sounds like BIG but it is only one main Hwy going through the downtown. So I crochet, then I type, then I work on cupcake recipes. I am including a cupcake bakery in the diner. Something that is not found locally. We will serve the usual old diner favorites like Meatloaf on Monday and breakfast all day, but it will be great to come in the morning and get fresh muffins and scones and the ever changing cupcakes. Here is a link to a fun FROG cupcake, with Halloween approaching and me working on a frog asweater I thought this was fun.
I will have to take a picture or tow when I get mine done as well as my taste testers hard at work.


P.Y.T. said...

oh my god those frog outfits are too cute for words!!! when my friend has her baby I'm definitely going to have to take a trip to your etsy store and pick out some of those outfits!!!

Emily said...

Hi Patti!! I got your message on Blog Frog, but didn't see an email to contact you on your blog! We would love to have you participate in the Mommy's Lil Monster Bash!! Both of your stores are filled with adorable items! You are pretty talented!! :)
We would offer you a month of advertising on our blogs, as well as a spotlight post, and promotion on twitter and FB. Please email me at
familyandlifeinlv at gmail dot com!
Hope you are having a great day!