Thursday, September 2, 2010

Frogs are hopping

the Frog sweaters are hopping right out of the shop. In the past week three of them have sold in the etsy shop.....wonderful news!  I am busy working on not just the frogs but a new dinosaur and the skunk and two dalmation hooded sweaters. I am thinking to Halloween here in Wisconsin where it can be sunny and warm, or the kids could be in mittens. Just grab an animal hat and a set of nice soft sweats and the little one is set, or a hooded sweater or sweater and hat. The hats can be worn all winter and machine washed and dried. 

I am also busy putting together our Harvest Fest, a bike ride, crafters and a pancake breakfast. It should be a good time with the leaves changing and pumpkins everywhere.

I am also on the committee for next years Fish n Fun Fest, so things are hectic, but on a good started yesterday and I could be seen doing the happy dance in the driveway as those three adorable teens left for school.

I am hoping to finish a dinosaur today and get some good photos with Carsen our littlest in the sweater. Last years photos he was the baby skunk....but a year is a long time and he now walks, runs and is not a photo bug. Wish me luck!

Kids back to school, a break in the heat and hopefully a busy weekend at the shop and maybe I won't notice that nagging pain that I cant seem to lose.   Note to self, getting older isnt neccesarily better!

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