Thursday, November 4, 2010

Big changes here

                                    Since I last posted much has been happening around here.
                My shop Pattibears Place in Montello has closed. That was a very hard decision, was not holding its own any more and it was time to move in a new direction. If all goes well when the diner opens we will add a gift section to it and I can once again fill it with the handpainted items and baby gifts. On the good side I will have more time this year before the holidays to spend at home and with the grandkids and maybe just by chance enjoy it more. Less stress and far fewer worries about how do I do everything in the time mI have.
                 My four year old grandaughter Becky was diagnosed with diabetes, that hit very hard just three weeks before a new baby is due at their house. I now have time to go there and be of some help. My plan is to pamper and boost Beckys mood and get alot of baby holding in. They live about four hours from us and those babies grow so fast, I seem to miss alot of the good stuff!
               My MOM ( I have 2, I was adopted ) moved up to Montello from Tulsa after by brother died unexpectedly. In the past few weeks we have spent alot of time just chatting and catching up. We also found here a great apartment not far from us and got her moved in over the weekend. In case she had missed seeing all the grandkids.....a couple weeks at my house with seven of them under foot has probaly cured her!

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