Thursday, November 4, 2010

Someone is reading my stuff!

I have begun to post on Facebook and am back trying to post on the blog daily and just when I was starting to question if anyone even looks at my posts , I got a call.
From my Granddaughter Becky, pictured here. I mentioned her earlier. She is four and was just diagnosed with diabetes. In the photo my little cookie and cupcake helper was busy putting sprinkles on cookies at Christmas. I have since begun to find sugar free cookie recipes that we can make and share. Well, this afternoon she happened to be checking out Grammas Facebook page and saw a hat she liked that I had posted and gave me a call.
I am being seen, if only by family right now, at least someone is reading ME!
So, I am off to make a purple penguin hat for her. It is a special request and I promised to post a photo as soon as it is done, since I will not see her for another week or so. 


A Daddy Blog said...

Thanks sweet that she found you on Facebook and called. You can really help by adapting those recipes to sugar free. My dad was diabetic and did a good job creating baking variations (at a time when there were less options) for himself. So nice to meet you. I'm dropping by from Friday Follow on Mom Loop. It's a great site and they even let us Daddy Bloggers ( play. LOL. I'm going to follow you. BTW, I have a facebook page, too. Drop by if you like. Have a lovely day. Oh, and I LOVE your old fashioned Christmas theme. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. ;)

L. Eleana Johnson said...

Not only is someone reading, that someone is super special, your grandbaby! I'm sure the hat will be so pretty, can't wait to see the pic later.

Have a great weekend!

Rachel said...

She looks like she's having fun. SOrry about the diabetes! I hope they are able to get it under control for her. Stopping by from MOmloop :)

~SHANNON~ said...

How sweet is that?!? She looks like a darling- how wonderful that you get to make things for such a sweetheart! Cant wait to see the pic!
Stopping by from Mom Loop- YAY!

ps. Just followed you on networked blogs as well as google connect:)

KandiLand said...

I scrolled down and saw the penguin hat - you are very talented! It's adorable. It'll be really cute in purple! I know how you feel about not feeling like you have any readers, I think we all go through it. I know I do!

I really like your blog design, btw!

Christine said...

isn't she darling? I gave up on cookies when I found out that I am gluten intolerant. I usually don't miss them, until seeing this sweet photo!

Anonymous said...

Follow from Quality time at Blogfrog.

Jo Frances said...

Your granddaughter is adorable, and obviously has good taste in blogs :-)

I'm a new follower from BlogFrog!


Cori said...

The best readers and fans are your loved ones!! Keep on writing :)

Pinkie said...

I found you on The Blog Frog and I'm pretty sure we aren't related so maybe that will give you some hope, too. LOL I know for me it still feels like no one reads my blog and I've been blogging or boring people for almost 2 years now.

Your granddaughter is so very cute! She's a very special reader I bet.