Friday, November 12, 2010

so much going on

I did my first show of the year on Wednesday. I am finding it hard to feel the Chrsitmas shopping mood when it is 60 outside. The weatherman does say that all of that will come to an end this weekend so maybe I can get with the spirit. I have tried the Christmas cd's and the Grinch we watch daily when the boys are over, but no holiday spirit so far. I did add a few more hats to the line up on Etsy and WOW they have taken off.

this is the little turkey, I have one ready for the new baby coming next Wednesday
Here is the penguin, I just love this one
these are for the 3 girls in Chicago, Rosie, Becky and the new baby...I am calling her LUCY, I don't know what they are naming here yet, but this Grandma thinks she is a Lucy!
I am also filling orders and getting a box ready for Josephines in Watertown, Wisconsin. If you live in southern Wisconsin it is a must see !

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Creative Chaos @ Kidscreatefun said...

! Love the Penguin - can we buy one?