Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Heat is On

Well, we are set for another couple really hot days, and what is on my agenda?     Christmas in July !  Yes, I said the dreaded word Christmas already, but as everyone knows people start their shopping early , so for me that means to buckle down and get the Etsy shop filled and rearranged for the season with some slaes and new items. I will also be taking part in the Etsy Kids promotion .

The promotion will take place the last two weeks in July and is a great chance to find lots of great items from crafters around the country or even  SHOP LOCAL for your holiday gifts. I will update more as I get closer to being done.   I was searching through Etsy this morning and came across this great shop  and wishing I had a little girl for the Tinkerbell skirt.  How fun, our two little guys here are not into capes and such but what a great idea. They could play year round and use them for Halloween and they are just so cute. I am rambling as my mind is racing trying to figure out someone I could get one for. This shop is also a member of Etsy Kids so please take some time a stay cool and visit the shops on Etsy.   From the comfort of your chair, no gas usage, a cool glass of iced tea and shopping at your finger tips..  Have a great Day, I am off to finish some projects HOHOHO.

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