Friday, June 17, 2011

Random Acts of Kindness

  We have all heard Oprah talk about random acts of kindness and most of us do some in our daily lives without even thinking about it. But, every once in awhile we are the recipient of such an act that effects us and our family in a big way.  I have been that recipient this time. A few days back a fellow Etsy shop owner who lives near Madison posted on facebook that her family had a swing set that they no longer needed. Send me a message and it's yours! WOW, with 2 small grandson here every other week this would be a real treat for them. So on rainy Wednesday I sent a grandson and his friend to pick it up. Not only could they have it but her husband was kind enough to help them disassemble it. It was not just a swing set but a sandbox and forty. She had no way of knowing our 3 year old spends hours digging in the sand. We may never be able to get him back in the house.

Right now Grandpa is getting the area ready for this set. I cannot say how thankful I am and am waiting on pins and needles for the boys to arrive Sunday. I will have my camera in hand to hopefully catch their faces when they see this wonderful gift.    Now what could I do after saying thank you so very much.....I can share her Etsy shop with you and hopefully you can share it and help pass the word.  this is one of my favorite pieces in her shop. Wouldn'tthat make a great gift for graduation?
Now don't just take my word for it, click the link and check out all the wonderful pieces in her shop and share that link.
There is a website for Random Acts of Kindness also where you can get idea, share things you have done or that have been done for you.
Visit this site and see how you can bring a smile to someones face or maybe lend a helping hand.  I am checking out the links myself and going to actively try to do these things more often!

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Heather said...

Thanks for posting this, Patti!
I hope the kids love the new play structure!! We are happy that it will be put to good use!