Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I know I am a few days late but HAPPY NEW YEAR. Since my last post much has gone on. We have moved, kids have gotten their own places and Christmas has come and gone. So many changes in just a few months. But, with the New Year comes a new beginning and I do need to get back on a schedule and get some things done. I went from not having enough time to having all the time and need to get myself moving to accomplish some things. I have boxes of wooden bears and outfits cut and waiting for me to paint. I now have the space to set up a painting table and not worry about little fingers coming in to help out. I am adding things to my Etsy shop and learning to make better use of I just finished my first Christening Gown, I could have patted myself on the back LOL. My Gram made the dresses for my girls and then they passed them along. I am hoping to put a few away in the cedar chest for when my Granddaughters may need them.

I am staying busy, learning to live without a house full of kids and how to cook for two. The cooking is a problem since I still make enough food for an army. We eat leftovers . Of course the hubby brings back his little buddies every chance he gets. and I don't mind that a bit. All too soon they grow up and then my magic hot cocoa and hugs are not needed. If they could only stay three and four.

Here they are hamming it up in the basement as we decorated for the family Christmas. I am off to finish and Irish hat and hopefully get some photos taken for Etsy. Have a great day.

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