Friday, January 25, 2013

Thinking Spring

I know that it is still very cold in many places, but I am going to ignore all that and think spring. Bunnies came to mind the other day and so I broke out the pink and white yarn and made a bunny hat and diaper cover set. Having no little ones here to try them on makes the photo shoots a little less fun.
the soft white hat and diaper cover came out adorable and my favorite part was the fluffy pink tail.

I have a frog and lobster in the works, I am also looking for a boys Christening outfit to crochet, so far not much luck.
I switch between crocheting to working on my online classes and then trying to redecorate our home. That in it self will be a huge project and I can't wait to get started.
This is a photo from one of my customers of her little one in my frog hat with the flower, a fun spring time hat for kids up to 4T.  I must confess though that my Granddaughter in college has one of these hats also.  Size is never an issue.

I am now off to make dog treats. Back before Christmas JJ's dog Spot had two puppies and they are now ready to go live with new families and we are having one last puppy party before they go. Here is a link for the treats I am making,

This has been a week without my little helpers and I still find myself turning on channel 19 at 5:00 to watch The Rifleman, Carsen favorite show.  He puts on his hat , grabs his rifle and announces The Rifleman starring Chuck Connors and then fires his rifle. We eat dinner around this show. If I could only find a way to keep him this big!
Carsen and his "cowboy dog"  BINGO.

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