Saturday, January 19, 2013


After having been away from the Etsy shop for a few months it has been an adjustment getting back in gear and crocheting while working on online classes and then my visits with the boys.  Maybe I am just beyond such multitasking .  Even though I did manage to get some new items listed and made some great sales. The inspiration for these adorable drivers hat outfits is my Great Grandson Carsen, he loves hats and looked like this hat was just made for him.
After seeing him in this I set out to make it for some little guys, a great item for photo shoots or just to dress up a little guy.
this is a customers photo from a newborn shoot. Just adorable.  Now I also have to start thinking Valentines Day and spring even though it is still quite chilly here. So on my list for the upcoming days are fluffy chicks and Drivers caps.  It is nice to be busy again and I love the feedback. I also am working on some doll clothes since I have two beautiful granddaughters who just got American Girl type dolls for Christmas. This is all fun, and a Granddaughter who has requested I work up a border collie hat for her. I will let you know how all that comes out. 
Off for some pancakes and housecleaning before I can work on my hats while my inspiration for these is playing The Rifleman, he just loves Chuck Connors and watches it daily. Bonanze, Gunsmoke and the Rifleman and his day is made. The good old days!


Eileen Chrisjohn said...

I have an award for you at my blog!
Eileen :)

Patti Lekas said...

Oh thank you so much could you share the link I cannot find it